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arcsoft media player free download

Download ArcSoft windows software, including PhotoStudio 6 - photo editing software, ShowBiz 5 - video All-in-one media player with cinema-like experience; All-in-one media player for videos, Blu-ray, DVDs, Free Download; Buy Now.


TotalMedia Theatre is a slick, professional-looking media player that specializes in rendering your videos in the highest quality possible. For all its intimidating appearance, TotalMedia Theatre is actually very easy to use. The bottom of the interface has the usual play, stop and pause buttons, along with a folder icon where you can open the movies to be played, whether they are saved files or discs. TotalMedia Theatre deals with a wide range of formats, including high-definition types such as Blu-ray. When the screen is maximized, the control fades after a few minutes to enhance viewing, and a pop-out remote is also available.

Version 5 includes an intuitive SimHD upscaling technology which allows you to watch low-resolution videos as if they were high-definition, and also gives you the ability to watch all your videos and photos in 3D style. These are just some key features of this affordable and user-friendly software. The installation process is simple and has no special options to configure. Additional software is not included within the installation package. Speaking of which, it is quite a big program needs at least MB of free space on the hard drive and might take a while before all components are extracted and installed. It is highly recommended that you restart your computer before launching TotalMedia Theatre so that some changes made to the system are applied.

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6 - TotalMedia Theatre 6 is your all-in-one media player for PCs. Whether playing Blu-ray and DVD discs, AVCHD, or high- definition.
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It has a very balanced user interface that provides a quick access for loading the video from local drive to media library. Users can also access the YouTube videos directly with this handy tool and play them on the big screen. It allows users to organize the digital library with list and album. The powerful search feature quickly brings the user desired media file from the bulks of albums. With all these features and functions ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre consumes very small CPU power and shows excellent compatibility with all latest and old operating systems.

Download ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre Free

ArcSoft TotalMedia a powerful application designed for ease-of-use. The program features big-button controls for easy navigation, and works both as a PC program 2-foot experience and a remote-controllable TV application foot experience. Key Features.

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I paid for the 6. I got notification that an update to 6. I then played a DVD which worked fine until I selected new features like simHD at which point my whole computer crashed. From that point forward, the simple act of starting the program would crash my computer. I tried a program repair and then a clean reinstall. I can only play DVDs now, and they are herky-jerky. Until four days ago I loved this program.




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